The concert presented by Productions SuperMusique consists of two works commissioned from the dazzling saxophonist-vocalist Joane Hétu and the rocambolic keyboardist Vergil Sharkya'.

Monnomest, by Joane Hétu, is dedicated to the cellist Rémy Bélanger of Beauport, who was attacked in Quebec City during the 'sabre-rattling' in October 2020. The composer poetically deconstructs and interweaves each syllable to create a great work that develops with elegance and panache over 40 minutes.

Vergil Sharkya', a tribute to British composer Philip Jeck, presents a work that combines several approaches: live, pre-recorded and processed music; notation and improvisation; traditional and invented instrumentation. 

A concert that will not leave you indifferent!




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MONNOMEST - Productions SuperMusique
MONNOMEST - Productions SuperMusique - 2
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Espace Orange | Édifice Wilder


Presale  28$
Regular 36$
Reduced (Students, Vivier members, over 65s, etc.) 20$



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Presale tickets are available up to 48 hours before the concert.
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A Productions SuperMusiques concert presented in co-production with Le Vivier