An initiative centered on new music and led by Le Vivier Group and a student committee, the Vivier InterUniversitaire aims to create a common space for students from different institutions of higher music education in Montreal. Encouraging dialogue, sharing and experimentation, the project aims to bring together performers, composers and musicologists from all horizons around new music.


  • Organize concerts to give musicians a chance to be heard;
  • Present lectures given by students and/or professionals on various subjects related to musical creation;
  • Organize networking evenings between students and the professional community;
  • Organize discussion forums to exchange ideas;
  • Use any other means deemed necessary to achieve this mandate.


Membership cards are available from the delegates who form the ViU, at Groupe Le Vivier (100 Sherbrooke E.) or via online registration. The individual membership card ($ 10) allows you to participate in activities, meetings, general sessions, workshops, as well as the annual ViU concert.

The ViU membership card also gives access to a preferential rate for all Le Vivier Group concerts and events! To find out more, follow us on our Facebook page or write to us at vivierinteruniversitaire [at] gmail [dot] com.


Translation and partnerships/funding

McGill University


Université de Montréal
Mixed Composition


Conservatoire de musique de Montréal
Electroacoustic composition


Concordia University
Electroacoustic studies and Irish studies

Concert and Membership

McGill University
Instrumental, electroacoustic and mixed composition

Coordination and secretariat

Conservatoire de musique de Montréal
Instrumental composition