Text "Green Charter" cut from a photo of a forest canopy.

Le Vivier has adopted a green charter for the 2020-2021 season.

A longstanding wish of Le Vivier, this action is in line with the personal values of our employees, but also and above all, our values as an organization! The Sounds of Water project was the trigger, for years we have been creating projects celebrating nature, so the least we can do is to try to protect it.

We are signatories to the Eco-Responsible Scene Artisans' Charter and have obtained the Bronze level Eco-Responsible Scene accreditation* for the first year of the project. We are proud of this accreditation, since very few organizations are members of it.


Logo de l'l’accréditation Scène Écoresponsable niveau Bronze
Our actions for the first year :
  • In the team:
    • Realization of an action plan
    • Greening the Workplace
    • Prioritising local suppliers
    • Limit printing
    • Reduce email exchanges by prioritising cloud work
    • Promote the 3Rs: Reduce + Reuse + Recycle
    • Limit single-use items
  • For members :
    • Reduce e-mail exchanges by setting up a Members' Zone (in the process of being created)
    • Provision of reusable water bottles for artists (N/A in COVID situation)
  • For the reception of the public :
    • Prioritise QR codes rather than paper programmes
    • Reminding people of the water fountain's presence
    • Presenting events on environmental issues such as Water Noise or Nature Noise.
    • During cocktails, offer a vegetarian buffet
    • Encouraging public or active transport to get to our concerts


*This accreditation is intended for performing artists who wish to undertake a sustainable development process (economic, social and environmental pillars). The process is user-friendly, adapted to the effervescent world of culture. It helps structure the integration of sustainable development and gives rise to crucial reflections, thus opening the door to new perspectives and management methods while fostering a sense of belonging for the teams in place. In this way, the community is mobilised through exchanges on best practices and forges strong links with the community. (Reference from the Conseil québécois des événements écoresponsables website)



Chaired by: Gabrielle Blais-Sénéchal

Morgane Parent



If you would like to learn more about Le Vivier's commitment and/or accompany us in our eco-responsible and green charter commitment, please contact: info [at] levivier [dot] ca