Comprising 67 members and organisations, LE VIVIER is a community initiative. Its mission is to facilitate the development of new music, and offering through presentation of quality works, an open door to culture.


Le Vivier’s top mandate is to produce and circulate new music. Le Vivier favours creativity, research, and innovation in terms of local, national, or international repertoire. Each season, Le Vivier programs a selection of concerts showcasing the richness and effervescence of our creators.


Beyond its programming, Le Vivier is also a unique meeting place where ideas are exchanged. And in order to help people better understand and appreciate new music in all its diversity, to make cultural musical activities more accessible, and to help the practice of new music progress, especially before the younger generation of musicians, Le Vivier takes a number of cultural actions targeting citizens, families, schools, and creators: awareness events; accessibility programs; developments and outreach projects.


Besides its programming and thanks to its unique meeting place, Le Vivier helps further new music practice by providing adequate and well-equipped concert halls, rehearsal halls, and meeting rooms at affordable prices; by setting up residence, mentoring, and research/creation projects, and; by promoting creative music.

Collage of photos of different events
Credits: Céline Côté, John Klepko, Marie Lassiat, A. Dobrowolskyj, Caroline Campeau, Laurie Cardinal, Frédéric Chais, Tania Marcoux, Manuel Shink et Morgane Parent