Photo de Alexandra Tibbitts avec une harpe

Alexandra Tibbitts

Based in Montréal, Alexandra Tibbitts is a harpist, improviser, composer, collaborative artist, innovator and arts organizer.  Her solo project, The Bionic Harpist, demonstrates her accomplishments in augmented instrument practices.  Using her harp as an instrument and digital mixer, her compositions create immersive landscapes and moving performances that are truly unique and unconventional.  
Tibbitts actively promotes and premieres repertoire for harp and mixed music in Canada and abroad.  Her work and compositions have been featured by the National Arts Center, MUTEK Montréal, MUTEK Mexico & MUTEK Japan, and Code d’Acèss.  Tibbitts is a community member at the Center for Research Music Media and Technology (2017) and a co-author of Gestural Control of Augmented Instrumental Performance: A Case Study of the Concert Harp (MOCO; 2018, in Genoa, Italy). She travels internationally to empower young-artists and educate audiences as a guest presenter and invited performer. 
Tibbitts is a passionate member of Montréal’s diverse musical community: founding member of Ensemble ILÉA (2016) an electroacoustic improvisation ensemble, and Porto Porto (2020), an avant-house & Montréal based techno band.  She is a grant writer,  Artistic Operations Coordinator for Orchestre de l’Agora, an organizer for LMCML, and member of the Conseil d’Administration for Code d’Acèss.

Works in le Vivier's repertoire