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Treat yourself to the opportunity to watch and listen to one of the Vivier's Fall 2020 Season concerts.
(Right of access for viewing: 1 month from purchase)

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Symon Henry :  je suis calme et enragé·e

Productions SuperMusique and Symon Henry

64min | 0$
Graphic scores

In this transdisciplinary show carried by the poetry of Roxane Desjardins, Symon Henry composes six sound paintings for voice, harmonicas, electronics and improvisation ensemble that question our relationship to history and to imminent ecological disasters.

This concert is available for free here.

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Ways of returning

Quatuor Bozzini

76min | 10$

The virtuoso string quartet continues its exploration of the seemingly infinite possibilities of timbre and sound color by performing works that draw from glitch art, minimalism, noise and dark ambient.

(Concert available for purchase until December 31st, 2022)

 - premiere
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Màs allà del rojo

Ensemble Paramirabo

61min | 10$

Celebrating the 60th birthday of Franco-Argentine composer Luis Naón, Stick&Bow and Ensemble Paramirabo join forces for an immersive evening at the heart of the creative universe of this multi-faceted artist. An evening of wandering that will charm both contemporary music enthusiasts and neophytes alike, thanks to Naón’s varied language and rhythmic style.

This concert is available for purchase until December 31st, 2022.

 - premiere
Colorfull clouds

Longues distances

Quasar saxophone quartet

70min | 10$
International • Emerging generation • Creation

The journey is guided by the virtuosity of Quasar and the daring originality of young composers eager for innovation. Longues Distances is a unique event in its genre.

: inter- , 2020 - for Soprano Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Resonant Coil Springs, and Ambisonic Electronics
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Les oiseaux de Nias

Production RTM

79min | 10$
Immersive • Electroacoustics • Environment

This concert is designed for immersive multichannel support, soloists and call choir in an interactive environmental performance with lighting, black lights and scenography.

 - premiere
: Les oiseaux de Nias , 2017 - 2020 for 5 soloists (winds, percussion, electronics) and a choir of bird calls in an interactive environmental performance with lighting, black light and scenography (immersive multichannel work)
Visual for the event - Shell of Compostelle

Path of Miracles

Voces Boreales

63min | 10$
Sound pilgrimage • Heritage • Voice

The vocal ensemble, Voces Boreales, invites you to an exceptional evening with a performance of Path of Miracles (2005) by English composer Joby Talbot on a libretto by Robert Dickinson. This a cappella work for 18 singers has been described as "quite simply the most beautiful choral work of recent years", "a must-hear".

- Concerte program : see

Collage of 3 images for the concert La source — ESM : Les rapides

La source — ESM : Les rapides

Productions Supermusique

102min | 10$
Mini-marathon • Gesture • Graphic scores

A mini-marathon consisting of three parts. Each of them is different and articulated, either from graphic scores that have travelled through the history of Ensemble SuperMusique between 2000 and 2019, or from the conducting gestures of conductors Jean Derome, Joane Hétu and Danielle Palardy Roger.

Visuel for the concert Scenes and Formations (abstract image)

Scenes and Formations

Innovations en Concert, Park Sounds Duo and Natsuki Hiratsuka

58min | 10$
Encounter • Creation • cultural melting-pot

This unique program will take you on a musical journey inspired by folklore, poetry, literature and painting.

In collaboration with Festival Accès Asie and Innovations en concert.

 - premiere
Visuel for the concert Ambiances


Architek Percussion

62min | 10$
Percussions • Electronics • Creation

Architek Percussion presents two wonderful musical works for percussion quartet – with or without electronics – written by Canadian artists Andrea Young and Adam Basanta.

 - premiere
Image for the concert Je ne suis pas un robot

Je ne suis pas un robot

Quasar Saxophone Quartet

80min | 10$
Modern society • Robotisation • Humanization • Music/video

Je ne suis pas un robot playfully questions the boundary between human and machine.