Ensemble variances

This concert marks the natural meeting of Paramaribo (Montreal) and Variances (Normandy - France) around a musical project consisting of two Franco-Canadian creations.

The concert celebrates the pulse and circularity as a vital element. The pulse that translates the beating of our heart and that of the entire planet. This pulse, which at first sight is jubilant, but which also seems to slow down under the weight of global warming and the collapse of biodiversity.

Paramirabo and Variances perform Steve Reich's hypnotic Pulse (2015), echoing this idea of pulsation. They also perform three creations by the composers Cassandra Miller (Canadian), Missy Mazzoli (American) and Thierry Pécou (French). The latter attempt to look at the environmental challenges of the present and the future. This is an opportunity to discover scores reflecting their singular personalities as well as their common openness to pop or traditional music, their attraction to harmony, melodic lines and to periodic, repetitive, pulsating phenomena!


  • : Still Life in Avalanche , 2008 for for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, percussion, piano
  • Thierry Pécou
    : Creation , 2023
  • : Perfect Offering , 2020 - 2021 for for flute, clarinet, string quartet and piano
     - premiere
  • : Pulse , 2015 for for winds, strings, piano and electric bass




Salle Bourgie


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A concert presented by Ensemble Variances, Paramirabo and Le Vivier

Ensemble VariancesParamirbo

A concert presented in collaboration with Salle Bourgie