Photo de La grange par le Collectif Tôle et Paramirabo

Discover La grange, an "augmented" narrative concert.

The audience is invited into an immersive space where invention coexists with objects from the past. The work unfolds on stage with seven musicians of Paramirabo et Duo AIRS, an installation of invented instruments, a lighting and scenographic design, as well as a web booklet that exposes the narrative framework of the concert.

Jude is the janitor of a future community who has inherited a barn filled with objects and artifacts from the past that he has no use for. Locked up alone for years, he makes a drone out of whatever is lying around to keep him company. By levitating his invention, he reanimates memories, distorts the present, and quietly breaks his isolation.



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La Grange - Bande annonce 2
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Bain Mathieu


Presale 32$
Regular 40$
Reduced (Students, Vivier Menbers, over 65s, etc.) 25$



- All prices include taxes and service charges
- Presale prices are available until 48 hours before the concert
- Regular prices are applied 48 hours before the concert and on site


  • Félix-Antoine Coutu - performer invented instruments and electronics, composition, invented instrument design, artistic direction
  • Marie-Ève Groulx - stage direction, production management
  • Flavie Lemée - lighting design, scenic design, costume design, lighting director
  • Marianne Lonergan Pilotto - scenic design, costume design
  • Maxime Brillon - web libretto, design assistance, stage direction assistance
  • Alice Germain - sound engineer and technical creative director
  • Véro Marengère - video design
  • Yves Méthot - mentoring invented instruments
  • Sonia Paço-Rocchia - invented instruments mentor
  • Carl Matthieu Neher - artistic advisor

PRODUCTION TEAM (Collectif Tôle) :

  • Guillaume Lafontaine-Moisan - technical production manager
  • Marjorie Gauvin - production manager
  • Clémence Léveillé - communications
  • Virginie Savard - communications

PRODUCTION TEAM (Paramirabo) :

  • Florence Tremblay - production coordinator
  • Viviane Gosselin - general manager
  • Jeffrey Stonehouse - artistic director
  • Audrey Chea - communications manager

An event presented by Collectif Tôle, Paramirabo and Le Vivier


In collaboration with Duo Airs