Photo de la clarinetiste Gwénaëlle Ratouit

Gwénaëlle Ratouit

Gwénaëlle Ratouit began her musical studies in France and, after obtaining her Baccalauréat d’Interprète and her State Diploma in Pedagogy in Bordeaux, she completed her Master’s degree in Interpretation at the University of Montreal, Quebec. A versatile musician, she was interested in classical and contemporary music from an early age. Her curiosity and versatility lead her to perform with her different clarinets in different projects, ranging from contemporary creations, to film music, to chamber music and orchestral works.

She performs with several orchestras in France and Quebec, in chamber music ensembles and regularly with the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne.

A finalist in several national and international competitions, she is the winner of the Julie Sirois Prize organized by the Université de Montréal and the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne in 2021 and 2022.