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Founded by Marie-Ève Groulx (director), Carl Matthieu Neher (pianist-composer), Renaud Jobin-Delaquis (visual artist) and Maxime Brillon (playwright), Collectif Tôle creates live art by cultivating a horizontal working method and an interdisciplinary dramaturgy. Tôle is 'polysemous', spreading out wide like seaweed to feast on the supernatural juice of its research and offer audiences all the seriousness that comes with the joy of creating contrived worlds together.

After Big Mack (OFFTA 2018), Bébés Fontaine (Phénoména 2019, Mois Multi 2020), Nous irons irons nos canons numériques dans un sweatshop portugais (Écuries 2019), Tôle presents Awards: a tragedy for organ, drums and lots of people at Usine C in 2021. The text of Awards received a special mention at the Prix Gratien-Gélinas 2020. The collective's latest project, Têtard tout au plus, an immersive interior poetry monologue that blends music, the virtual world and theatre, was released as an album on Bandcamp in 2021, as a video game at the Mois Multi de Québec in 2022, and as a stage show at OFFTA 2022 and Mois Multi 2023. In spring 2023, Tôle will present Tony vend des billets, a sold-out play for two ticket agents and their ticket printers, at Théâtre Duceppe, as part of the 5@7 Duceppe series. Together with composer and computer programmer Félix-Antoine Coutu, Tôle is currently developing La grange, an augmented concert for i