Pythagore’s toolkit

La boite à outils de Pythagore
La boite à outils de Pythagore

Following the success of last year’s debut season, the intrepid modern-day puppet is back, exploring new experiences that are as fun and surreal as ever, and interacting with music through careful listening, awkward dancing, and playful manipulation of sound.

Legend has it that when Pythagoras passed by a forge, he was astonished by the wide range of high-pitched sounds he heard as the blacksmiths used hammers of different sizes to strike their pieces of metal. The sounds were rich and varied, sometimes harmonious, sometimes discordant. Once our dear Greek thinker returned home, he immediately began experimenting with a plethora of different hammers and metals. Over time, he detected and then identified musical intervals and some of the relationships produced by harmony. Exploring sound and developing new instruments triggered his elaboration of the principle of an underlying order in the natural world - what we now call physics.

In Pythagoras’ Toolkit, using puppets and live music, Rachel Warr and Benjamin Olivier bring to life a modern-day Pythagoras, exploring sound, space (conceptual/sound/real world), rhythm, harmonies and dissonances (order and chaos), instrument making and design, various musical textures and structures, and even dance. Aimed at children aged 3 to 12, but also open to adults, Pythagoras' Toolkit will take the audience on a journey through a dialogue leading to an understanding of sound phenomena. The production features musicians from Paramirabo (Quebec), composer Benjamin Oliver and director Rachel Warr (UK), and two puppeteers manipulating a brand-new Pythagoras.


  • : Pythagoras' Toolkit , 2023 (Metteuse en scène : Rachel Warr)
     - premiere




Espace Orange | Édifice Wilder


Adult 25$
Children 18$


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- Presale tickets are available up to 48 hours before the concert.
- Regular prices apply 48 hours before the concert and on site

A Paramirabo production in co-production with Le Vivier, Bach Before Bedtime and L'École Montréalaise pour tous. 


Gilbert Taylor, puppeteer

Edie Edmundson, puppeteer

Jan Zalud, puppet maker

Sue Dacre, puppet maker

Keith Frederick, puppet maker

Adrian Hornsby, puppet wrangler

Anne Freier, puppet wrangler

Bethan Gudgin, prop maker

Laurie Paul, prop maker

Tom Crame, photography

Laura Spark, animation

Sarah Gagné, lighting Director

Guillaume Barrette, technical coordination



Rachel Warr, artistic director



Benjamin Oliver, composer, chef


Emily Burt
(cor anglais)