La porte vers les sirènes (2021)

Program notes

Who are they?
A door. 
The door.
The door that binds.
The door that knows.
The door that shouts.
Should it be opened?
Will it open? 
Would you open it?

The door is also a tribute to Jean-François Laporte and his instrument the mermaid organ. 

I first heard a mermaid played as a musical instrument in 2001, during Danielle Palardy Roger's Port Symphony. She used techniques developed by Jean-François Laporte. I fell in love with this instrument and decided at that moment that one day I would compose for mermaids. During the creation of my port symphony, in 2017, I played the train for a long time, falling in love with them again and composing an almost concerto for sirens. In love with the same instrument, Jean-François Laporte was inspired to create the mermaid organ. I loved Jean-François Laporte's work and was delighted when he invited me to compose a solo for his mermaid organ. 

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2020-21 Totem électrique XIII (webffusion) Productions Totem contemporain