portrait de Alex Bridger

Alex Bridger

Alexander Bridger, a Newfoundland-born composer and multi-instrumentalist, has long defied easy genre classification with his music. His jazz-inflected meditations on Newfoundland folk music led Overcast magazine to name Bridger “St. John’s Most Original Songwriter,” and saw his works being presented at Sound Symposium, Newfoundland’s foremost contemporary music festival, as well as POP Montréal International Music Festival. Prior to attending music school, Bridger staged works of loosely-improvised minimalism by assembling motley chamber orchestras from the vibrant downtown St. John’s music scene. Today, Bridger is completing his third year of the composition program at McGill’s Schulich School of Music, refining a vocabulary which sublimates these disparate music influences into a genreless aesthetic informed by nature, sense of place, and a yearning for synesthetic conceptions of musical composition.

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