Totem électrique XVI

toten électrique XVI avec JF Laporte et Francis Leduc
toten électrique XVI avec JF Laporte et Francis Leduc

Concert of mixed music with the creation of five works by female composers.

For the XVIth edition of Totem Électrique, Productions Totem Contemporain invites us to an original and magical musical experience around five new works commissioned to talented female composers: Erin Gee (CA), Julie Delisle (CA), Audréanne Filion (CA), Sara Magnan (CA) and Sophie Delafontaine (BE).

These original and unique compositions for Babel Table are played by experienced performers Jean-François Laporte and Francis Leduc. The sublime and captivating lighting by Natasha Descôteaux provides an immersive and unforgettable musical experience.

It is also an opportunity to celebrate together the 20th anniversary of Productions Totem Contemporain. 

This concert is part of the Totem Électrique series launched in 2009. It has resulted in the creation of more than ninety outstanding mixed musical works specially composed for Jean-François Laporte's invented instruments, which are combined with an electric or electronic component (soundtrack, real-time digital processing, electronics, amplification, etc.).



Sophie Delafontaine (Be), Création - Table de Babel et Bande

Erin Gee (Ca), Création - Bol, Bande et Électronique

Julie Delisle (Ca), Création - Table de Babel et Bande

Audréane Filion (Ca), Création - Table de Babel et Bande

Pauline Patie (Fr), Run - Tu-Yo et Électronique




Salle Bleue | Édifice Wilder


Presale  28$
Regular 36$
Reduced (Students, Vivier Menbers, over 65s, etc.) 20$



- All prices include taxes and service charges
- Presale prices are available until 48 hours before the concert
- Regular prices are applied 48 hours before the concert and on site

Lightning design : Marguerite Hudon

Event presented in co-production with Productions Totem Contemporain

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