Consequential (2021)

Program notes

The consequence of the effect is the effect of the consequence.
Time shapes perspective and perspective shapes time.
Consequential is a 2 channels electroacoustic composition that was composed in the winter of 2021. The piece explores concepts of organicity, provenance, audio quality and consequence. Sound quality of each sound (Bit Depth and Sample Rate) was carefully decided to venture upon different spectral characteristics and dynamic ranges, how the overall "quality" of a recorded sound shapes its timbre, its possible transformations and manipulations, and the way it is being perceived in a resultant amalgam.
The title Consequential alludes to the different means, methods and circumstances of recording environments, as well as obtained sound material. It also relates to our listening paradigms as beings and how the perception of certain auditory streams generates complex, unique and tangible experiences, from which it becomes impossible to go back to the "before it happened".


Year of composition





Season Date Concert Member(s)
2021-22 CONCERT VIVIER INTERUNIVERSITAIRE Vivier InterUniversitaire (ViU)