family performance, from 1 year

Visuel Koperkus
Visuel Koperkus

Toddlers are invited to enter the welcoming, dreamlike world of Quebec composer Claude Vivier. They will meet Emma, who is snoozing in her bed of pillows. When she wakes up, she uses the power of her imagination to transform objects, shapes, and sounds. Thus, pillows become characters, shadows become music, melodies turn into colourful lights...

In Koperkus, loosely inspired by Claude Vivier's opera Kopernikus, toddlers are gently led into the world of the Montreal composer through the typical sounds and rhythms of his work. The percussion and saxophones are as beautiful to see as they are exciting to hear, and Emma and her friends are both funny and touching. The voice for the words, the saxophone for the melody, the percussion for the pulse: everything is in place to experience a moment of music, discovery, and magic!





family performance, from 1 year



Duo AIRS: Louis-Philippe Bonin (saxophone), David Brongo (percussion) and Marie-Annick Béliveau (mezzo-soprano)
Director: Maude Gareau
Coproduction: Duo AIRS and Groupe Le Vivier