CartelMTL 2014 / About / Cassandra Miller, Roundtable Discussion Moderator

Cassandra Miller is an acclaimed composer whose chamber music works are performed widely in Canada and Europe. She currently lives in Montréal where she works in the contemporary music community in various capacities: composing, producing, writing and teaching. From 2010 to 2013 she was co-director of Innovations en concert, Montréal’s presenter of experimental chamber music. In this context, Cassandra advocated an approach to curation that shifts away from the racist, sexist, elitist and colonialist paradigms which too often are found within the legitimization of new music.

Her connections with participants of CartelMTL are numerous: her music has been heard at hcmf//, Transit, Music on Main, and the Western Front; through Innovations en concert she co-presented projects with Suoni Per Il Popolo and Le Vivier; and she has been a close collaborator of the Bozzini Quartet since her participation in its Composer’s Kitchen 2009.

Her web site: