Festival 20/21 [Transit]

Presenter / Leuven, Belgium

Maarten Beirens, artistic director

Transit is yearly new music festival devoted exclusively to music from the still young 21st century. As such the festival has a strong tradition in commissioning new work, supporting emerging composers and bringing together composers, performers and audience sharing an adventurous spirit, and embracing cutting-edge new music. It brings together international and Belgium-based performers and composers and mixes established names with emerging talent. Transit offers at least seven concerts and many side-activities over the course of one weekend. The Transit festival is one of the two parts of the Flanders Festival Leuven. The other part - a series of seven concerts under the label “Novecento” - is devoted to 20th century music.


  • Active period: October
  • Founded: 2000
  • Number of events per year: 7