Music on Main

Presenter / Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

David Pay, artistic director

Music on Main promises great music in casual but stimulating environments, with top-flight musicians, an ear for contemporary music, and refreshing concert formats. Since its founding in 2006, Music on Main has developed a growing local, national, and international reputation as storytellers for a post-classical age. At a Music on Main concert, there’s always great musicians and interesting, engaging music. And there’s always the chance to make new friends, meet the artists, and escape from your to-do list for an hour or two. With year-round series and annual Modulus Festival, Music on Main has produced more than 250 events featuring in excess of 500 musicians and more than 50 world premieres. The music has touched the souls of thousands of listeners, and we’ve helped artists from around the world connect with each other, and with Vancouver audiences.


  • Active period: Annual Series: September ~ June; Modulus Festival: October-November
  • Founded: 2006
  • Number of events per year: 20 ~ 30