Presenter / Schwaz, Austria

Matthias Osterwold, artistic director

The annual festival Klangspuren seeks a fine balance of presenting renowned international and national (Austrian) and local (Tyrolean) music projects / musicians / composers, many of which are premiere performances, partly commissioned by Klangspuren. Klangspuren is not only limited to the festival period in September, but runs an all year program of musical education on different levels, starting with programs for the youngest, from 4 years of age, teenager workshops in composition and - since 12 years - the famous Klangspuren International Ensemble Modern Academy for young professionals from all over the world. Each year the festival Klangspuren features a specific thematic subject: 2016 “Young Stars. Comic. Cartoon. Graffiti.”, 2015 “Stimmungen — Tunes & Tunings”, 2014 “Northern Light — Music from the Nordic countries”, 2013 “New Music and the Legacy of Romanticism”.


  • Active period: September
  • Founded: 1994
  • Number of events per year: 20 ~ 25