Blank Forms

Presenter / New York City, New York, USA

Lawrence Kumpf, artistic director

Blank Forms is a new curatorial platform initiated by former ISSUE Project Room Artistic Director Lawrence Kumpf. Blank Forms is dedicated to the presentation and preservation of time-based performance practices that fall outside conventional institutional support systems and consequently risk remaining inaccessible, minimally documented, and obscure. The platform will utilize a variety of curatorial approaches, including (but not limited to) online and print publishing, public performances, exhibitions, educational workshops, seminars, and residencies. Blank Forms will support the emerging artistic community by offering residency, commission, publication, and presentation opportunities. Through touring performance projects, online and print publications, and distributed recordings, Blank Forms will cultivate, document, and promote an array of emerging performance practices to a broad international audience. In addition to print publications, Blank Forms will publish a number of unreleased archival recordings as well as new projects.


  • Founded: 2016
  • Number of events per year: 20 ~ 25