La Semaine du Neuf : De Montréal à Bali Pulau Dewata de Claude Vivier (Expérience XR)

On the afternoon of Thursday 09 March 2023, in the Café of the Monument National, this XR experience will be presented. With free access, you will be able to come and discover an immersive and spatialized comparative listening by means of virtual helmets and/or a computer in a virtual reality world. This will give everyone access to a key work by the late Claude Vivier, who will be honoured at our event: LA SEMAINE DU NEUF!

Can't make it on 09 March 2023? Try your luck on Friday evening, March 17, 2023 at the Montreal Conservatory.

We are in Bali, on Pulau Dewata, the Island of the Gods. On this island we hear the water and the birds. The KEINDAHAN SURGA TERPANCAR temple stands before us and invites us to enter. Around the island is a lake with vegetation. The soft green meets the dark blue of the sky on the water. Mountains are barely visible around, because of the low clouds. Lempuyang temple and its gates of heaven are just visible in the distance.

As we enter the temple, we hear music. We start, for example, on the left, with Claude Vivier's version of Pulau Dewata (1977) by the Bozzini Quartet (arr. Michael Oesterle 2002): the statue of the violinist is sonorous!

But in the background, there is another statue, a man sitting on a bench: Adolphe Sax! The same piece is then heard, at the same time, but by 4 saxophones, played by Quasar (arr. Walter Boudreau 1983). One approaches, and even notices on the walls pasted scores of the arranged work and press cuttings of the time!

Turning to the right, you come across a statue of a conductor who is leading the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne in a more extensive format than the quartets (arr. John Rea 1986). And we wander from one version to another, taking the time to compare the timbres, the interpretations, the energies. These energies that Claude Vivier transmitted to us in his music inspired by Bali: PULAU DEWATA, this island of the gods!

We leave the temple and enjoy the panorama one last time before leaving Bali.

Pierre-Henri Barralis : virtual reality design

Alithéa Ripoll : sound design