The Vivier Mobile takes shape and colors!

Models of the Vivier Mobile

The Vivier Mobile takes shape and colors!

Some of you were able to discover, in a playful way, different electronic devices for sound transformation by participating in our experimental workshops of the Vivier Mobile last season. The Vivier Mobile is a mobile audio-digital machine that creates music thanks to six interconnected rolling units. To learn more about it: Vivier Mobile

During the summer, Charline Henry, Jeanne Benichou and Vincvent Mûla, graduates in event design from UQÀM, under the direction of Designer and visual artist Chadi Ayoub, worked on the design and layout of La Vivier Mobile.
They have designed and developed transformable presentation modules that offer a palette of extremely creative scenarios for artists and the public.

"The Vivier Mobile is a unique work of art at the crossroads between design and living art. At the heart of this dynamic project lies a design approach that hybridizes thinking and doing with an incentive to experiment. It is this singular posture of mediation that makes the identity of the chosen design..." Chadi Ayoub

The three of them presented the models of the project on August 18th as part of the finalization of their DESS in event design, in the presence of Céline Poisson, professor at the School of Design and program director at UQAM, Sylvain Pohu (in charge of computer development) and the Vivier team.

Certainly the variety of possibilities of use of the modules in the space will stimulate the artists, in the elaboration of their musical creation and their meeting with the public.

We look forward to seeing you soon to discover the Vivier Mobile adorned with all its shapes and colors.