Vivier mobile

Vivier Mobile Maquette




The Vivier Mobile is funny, easy to access and full of amazing gadgets. It's full of funny sounds and "serious" games like a child having fun! The Vivier Mobile was designed and built by professional artists, digital experts, university researchers and community partners. It is a mobile audio-video-electro-digital machine that creates music: a space for the discovery of "music and technology" through several experimental and informational devices, linked together and set up on a mobile kiosk.

The Vivier Mobile brings together invented instruments: t-sticks, iPads equipped with the Fonofone application, an Eigenharp, a sponge, Mogee sensors, but it also creates others and, above all, it puts them in relation and programmes various interactions, making it possible to create with two, six or twelve people at a time. It is equipped with four microphones and four speakers connected to live transformation patches. An interactive platform makes it possible to make links with Le Vivier's concert season or with other concerts given elsewhere by our artists. All styles of new music are represented: acousmatic, mixed music, improvised, electronic, contemporary, digital, vocal, etc.


vivier mobile