Photo de Jeffrey Stonehouse
William Lapierre

Jeffrey Stonehouse

Position at Le Vivier:

artistic director

Jeffrey Stonehouse is very active as a flutist in the new music scene, performing with the NEM, ECM+ and SMCQ. He plans to continue his artistic activities to nourish his vision and stay grounded in the milieu.   Aware of the realities for new music and production ensembles thanks to his years as artistic director of Paramirabo, Jeffrey is also aware of current artistic trends.  In addition, his network of contacts internationally and elsewhere in Canada will greatly contribute to the development of the exchange programs already in place at Le Vivier. With his collaborative leadership approach , Jeffrey will be able to maintain a dialogue with the members of Le Vivier in order to encourage and support quality programming. Finally, the project for a new music venue or Maison des musiques nouvelles gives him an opportunity to realize a future where new music would have more visibility and greater relevance and resonance with the general public.

I believe Le Vivier has the potential to play an important role for the further development of new music in Québec. As a meeting point and a vector for positive change, the community-oriented structure of the organization is its primary strength and I look forward to working with my fellow artistic directors to present the best of Québec's new music scene in all its diversity. An openness to changing practices and new perspectives is key to ensuring that Le Vivier remains relevant and representative of the effervescent québecois community. The next period is crucial for Le Vivier as we work to build a new home. This anchoring project will provide a space that fosters connections between artists and audiences, offers support and guidance to the creative process and provides the new music community with a state-of-the-art performance space.

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