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Marilyn Carnier

Position at Le Vivier:


Of Belgian origin and with a degree in management, Marilyn Carnier arrived in Quebec in the late 1990s. Born into a family of artists and privately trained in opera and jazz, she worked for several years in the dissemination of contemporary Belgian jazz in Europe and across the Atlantic before settling in Montreal. In 1998, she began her career as a cultural manager at Fleming Artists' Management as an artist agent. She developed several touring circuits for François Bourrassa trio, Eval Manigat, Susie Arioli and Penny Lang, in Europe and China. After three years of promoting Quebec music abroad, she briefly worked at Traquen'art before joining the Gesù-Centre de créativité. After six years of successive mandates for the benefit of a multidisciplinary creation and presentation centre, she agreed in 2015 to accompany the management of the Groupe de la Veillée in its urgent need to re-brand and increase public funding for the Théâtre Prospero. After three years of championing creative theater, she made her return to music in 2018 as Executive Director at Chants Libres. With 20 years of experience in performing arts management and promotion, Marilyn Carnier serves on the board of directors and programming committee of Conversations philanthropiques en culture.