Variations sur le thème de « Dans un magasin qui n’existe pas » (2019)

Program notes

In an ambitious project, Quasar has launched an appeal for the summer of 2020 to student and amateur saxophonists of all levels. Dans un magasin become a large gathering uniting more than 50 saxophonists around the world! The project was centered around the work Variations on "Dans un magasin qui n'existe pas", a new orchestration by Jean-Marc Bouchard of the work by Jérôme Minière Dans un magasin qui n'existe pas, originally released on his album Chez Herri Kopter (2004) and performed by Lhasa de Sela. The saxophonists were therefore invited to record themselves playing selected sections of the score, in order to create an impressive audio and video assembly! More than 400 videos were received, edited and mixed to create the grandiose version integrated into the concert I am not a robot. A warm thank you to all the participants!


Year of composition



For saxophone quartet and singing.


Season Date Concert Member(s)
2020-21 I am not a Robot II (webdiffusion) Quasar, Jérôme Minière