An Unexpected Tremor of Lines (2021)

Program notes

An Unexpected Tremor of Lines was tangentially inspired by the novel The Passion According to G.H., by Brazilian author Clarice Lispector. The novel takes the form of a monologue by an amateur sculptress, who tells of the existential crisis that overcame her upon crushing a cockroach in the door of a wardrobe. The mystical nature of the book inspired the mood and musical materials of this piece, influencing the development of harmony and textures which are organically expressive. The aesthetic of An Unexpected Tremor of Lines is a response to the narrator’s poetic experiences, as well as the timeless and prehistoric notion of a cockroach, one of the oldest insect species that exists today.


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Concerts par oeuvres


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2021-22 CONCERT VIVIER INTERUNIVERSITAIRE Vivier InterUniversitaire (ViU)