Quatuor à cordes no. 1 (2021 - 2022)

Program notes

The composition of my String Quartet has been one of my main refuges through the last years of pandemic isolation. In the creation of this highly complex piece, I had the deliberate goal of disconnecting myself from the performer and diving deeply into its structural elements. In particular, I worked on games of proportions, quasi-repetition, perceptual blurring as well as on the orchestration of different spectral impressions. This approach, which pushed me into an intense mathematical rigor, nevertheless preserves a certain humanity, being motivated by a distress, a desire for escape and expression. The score of the piece, conceived for itself, gives a feeling of rebirth when it arrives in the hands of the performers. The distress that fueled the writing of this hermetic work gives way to a lively, touching, gentle and altruistic discourse.


Year of composition

(2021 - 2022)


Season Date Concert Member(s)
2022-23 DU NORD Quatuor Bozzini