The Privacy of Domestic Life (2015)

Program notes

The Privacy of Domestic Life is a meditation on domestic experience in three intertwined movements: The Privacy of Domestic Life, Strike / Struck, and I want to listen to you like never before.
The work is a product of time spent composing, working, and listening alone in several apartments I’ve inhabited throughout the years. In such moments, I’ve often imagined the sounds of the domestic environment taking on a life of their own: muted sounds amplified, rhythms coalescing, unwanted sounds in dialog, empty ambiences evolving into harmonic structures as they come to the forefront of perception.
Throughout the piece, sparse (often-failed) recordings from various apartments function as pale backdrops for musical materials; these documented fragments are a vessel for memories of past selves in past situations. At the same time, the integration of augmented percussion instruments and computer controlled scenography blur distinctions between quotidian objects and specialized instruments, human and machine performers, and analog and digital aesthetics.


Year of composition



Season Date Concert Member(s)
2020-21 Ambiances (wed-diffusion) Architek Percussion
2018-19 Showcase Cinars