Nombril / Fusil (1984 - 2020)

Program notes

"In my late teens, we had access to a typewriter for the first time at the family home. This was an invitation for me to write many lyrics that I later drew on when a need for a song arose. The text for Nombril/Fusil comes from there, perhaps around 1972-73. Nombril/Fusil was first performed and recorded by the duo Les Granules in 1984, then in 1996 by the group Flammèches under the direction of Productions SuperMusique and most recently, in 2016 during the Hommage à Rose Drummond, the result of a collaboration between Montreal and Rimouski musicians, initiated by Éric Normand de Tour de Bras.

In 84, we were bombarded with various influences and, besides the reference to punk, we recognize in Nombril/Fusil ideas of break dance, funk, medieval music, jazz, concrete music and tutti quanti. The current music was taking shape and the juxtaposition or cohabitation of contrasting musical styles made us happy".


Year of composition

(1984 - 2020)


Season Date Concert Member(s)
2020-21 The Source— ESM: The Tributaries (webdiffusion) Productions SuperMusique (PSM)