Colliding Bubbles (2021)

Program notes

Colliding Bubbles (surface tension and release) is a string quartet and at the same time a harmonica quartet, meaning that the members of the quartet will play string instruments while playing harmonica.

The title refers to the different kind of bubbly matters which are set to collide within the composition, leading to different ruptures and possible release of surface tension.

The collision of bubbles will unfold partly in relation to sound, where small fluctuations will appear in the encounters between harmonicas and string instruments and partly in relation to a more performative or conceptual bubble where instruments representing different systems, or bubbles, will collide; the very celebrated instruments within the classical string quartet and the perhaps more prosaic harmonica.


Year of composition



string quartet


Season Date Concert Member(s)
2022-23 DU NORD Quatuor Bozzini