Coda (2020)

Christopher Goddard

Program notes

Originally thought to accompany the work of Maurice Ravel Introduction and Allegro, the writing of this new work took a new turn with the outbreak of COVID-19 and the new health and social distancing measures. The composer chose to use this physical separation by dividing the septet by family of instruments : The string quartet is arranged in a square/rectangle and contains a core delimited by the flute and the clarinet with the harp in its center. Coda can be listened to as a series of miniature sound capsules (a bit like Ravel's work) that explore the modes of interaction and their opposition between the two families of instruments: unicity/alienation, participation/reaction, signal/noise, etc. The music is aphoristic and elegiac throughout the work - a reflection of one's own awareness of what has been lost, and of the sense of collective uncertainty as we begin to interact with a strange new world.


Christopher Goddard

Year of composition



Season Date Concert Member(s)
2020-21 Lo Spazio Ensemble Paramirabo