Buanderie montréalaise [Rapides 2] (2006)

Program notes

This concept of improvisation, type A + B - B, relates the continuous sound of neon lights (A) to the rhythmic cycles of machines (B) in a laundry room. The piece was created by the ESM during the 2006 Canevas concert presented at the Montreal Jazz Festival - Contemporary Jazz Series. The piece was then replayed several times by the ensemble as well as by the GGRIL who recorded the Buanderie rimouskoise version on the CD Gestes. The piece is usually conducted from the inside by two designated conductors, one conducting the continuous form A and one conducting the intermittently played form B. In this concert, the composer conducted alone, switching players from one team to the other. 


Year of composition



Season Date Concert Member(s)
2020-21 The Source — ESM: The Rapids (web-diffusion) Productions SuperMusique (PSM)