Amor fati | Omaggio a Nietzsche

Program notes

Amor fati, in Nietzsche's philosophy, refers to "love of fate", adopting a joyful position in the face of the eternal recurrence. In this sense, the piece is an attempt, for the composer, to love his own artistic destiny, joyfully embracing the recurrences of technical, stylistic, etc. concerns that have informed his work in recent years. Moreover, it is intended as a tribute to Nietzsche the musician, whose "Fragment an sich" for piano served as formal inspiration and compositional material.



Pierrot quintet: Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Cello and Piano


Season Date Concert Member(s)
2020-21 Concert Vivier InterUniversitaire (web-diffusion live) Vivier InterUniversitaire (ViU)