Ensemble ur.werk is dedicated to the latest music and innovative interdisciplinary formats. The central focus is on world premieres of new works. Works for music theatre by composers such as Vinko Globokar, Fabio Nieder and Daria Andovska have also been premiered and presented by the ensemble at the "Bitef International Theater Festival", among other events, with subsequent recordings for Deutschlandradio. But also instrumental and electroacoustic works by composers, such as Ana Sokolović, Jean Lesage, Joachim Heintz, Fabien Lévy, Andre Bartetzki, Gordon Williamson and Sebastian Wendt were produced with the ensemble "ur.werk", inter alia within the framework of the event "Quantum Music:# Hannover Session" (cooperation project between Ensemble ur.werk, Academy of Sciences and Arts Belgrade and Oxford University).

In the following years, the ensemble will increasingly dedicate itself to the interdisciplinary field between music and science, but also to the research of innovative formats of music theatre under the influence of new media and technologies, such as in the upcoming music-theatrical series "Artist is not Present" and in the continuation of the "Quantum Music Project" in cooperation with Institute of Musicology SASA, Ars Electronica Linz and TodaysArt. The German music magazine "Positionen" praises the ensemble's performance as the most innovative highlight of the "Klangbrücken" festival in April 2021.

clarinet, bass clarinet