Photo of Kristie Ibrahim
Hugo B. Lefort

Kristie Ibrahim

Kristie Ibrahim began her musical education at the age of 4 and  she continued her training at Dalhousie University where she studied with Jim Faraday, and completed an apprenticeship with Symphony Nova Scotia. 

Next, she moved to New Zealand, where she worked with percussion ensemble Strike, with whom she discovered a passion for the theatrical dimension of performing.  She also played with the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the Auckland Philharmonia, and the Wellington Sinfonia as well as with ensembles Stroma and Verona.

Upon her return to Canada, she moved to Montreal to undertake a master’s degree with D’Arcy Gray, focusing her attention on chamber music.  She performed with the McGill Percussion Ensemble, Double Lateral (NZ), and co-founded duo Akrostick and Sixtrum.

One of Ibrahim’s main goals is to introduce percussion to the next generation through various projects geared towards young audiences, and through teaching percussion at FACE School and McGill University.

Working as a team is at the heart of her philosophy.  She believes that collaboration with other art forms and artists, and challenging one another’s ideas inspire creativity and bring something extra to the music.

Works in le Vivier's repertoire