Photo of a show from the Arsenal
Michel Dubreuil

L’Arsenal à musique

L’Arsenal à musique is renowned for its innovative musical productions for young audiences and families.

More than just an assemblage of different art forms, L’Arsenal à musique is a vehicle for production and orchestration where musical creation is always at the crossroads. From the classical to the experimental, this is the merging of possibilities where artistic productions are revitalized through the coming together of disciplines and talents.

Bringing together on the stage musicians, actors and acrobats, and making them evolve in a virtual and completely fantastical universe, l’Arsenal a musique’s creations draw the audience into a magical, ethereal world.

Since 1978, Lorena Corradi and Reggi Ettore, founders and artistic directors of L’Arsenal à musique, have produced — along with their team of professional artists — 24 original works. L’Arsenal’s productions have been preformed 15,000 times for more than 3 million spectators in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

Artistic codirector
Artistic director