Photo of a Chants Libres concert
Yves Dubé, Montreal (Quebec), September 8 2000

Chants Libres

Lyric creation company

Chants Libres, the lyric creation company, has a mandate to bring artists and creators together from all artistic disciplines, whether they are from the world of music, theatre, visual arts, video or electronic arts, around a common rallying point: the human voice. After many outstanding productions, Chants Libres has become a unique breeding ground for artists working with sound, images, and words, who are striving to breathe new life into opera, whether for chamber opera or for full orchestra, musical or experimental theatre, using traditional methods or groundbreaking forms.

Chants Libres exists:

  • To create today what will be the norm in 25 years;
  • To open up the world of contemporary creations to all audiences;
  • To work with the most outstanding artists in music, visual arts, literature and mixed media, in order to create internationally recognized works of exceptional quality;
  • To be attuned to the artistic tendencies of our time.

Chants Libres has created 13 major new operas and has taken on an ever increasing role in the training of new contemporary artists and the dissemination of new works. The international stature of the company allows us to continuously promote our homegrown creative talent worldwide.

Artistic Director