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Centre de musique canadienne au Québec (CMCQ)

In 1973 the Canadian Music Centre in Québec opened its doors and immediately devoted itself to the cause of new music. As a documentation and information centre, the CMCQ promotes music written by the composers it represents — including more than 210 from Québec. The CMCQ lends scores worldwide and free of charge, it rents orchestra parts and sells scores, recordings and publications. These services allow Canadian music to be better known and more widely performed and appreciated by both professional and amateur musicians.

Since 2003, and thanks to a special grant from the SOCAN Foundation, the CMCQ has performed as cultural mediator to better serve various audiences in their own locations as well as in their workplaces. These kinds of activities have included events at museums, in the streets, in front of downtown skyscrapers, gardens, bars, and other venues. This means of bringing music and listeners together has proven highly successful; its SONARIUM 2006 at the International Flora Montréal was a complete triumph.

On a final note, in keeping with its commitment to music education, the CMCQ has maintained a longstanding relationship with FAMEQ (Fédération des Associations de musiciens éducateurs du Québec). Since 1991, it has commissioned works for school band and young performers each year and has entered into agreements with school boards and like agencies.

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