Photo of Sofia Chavarro

Sofia Chavarro

Sofia Chavaro is a professional musician (composer, singer and flutist) and video artist also. In the music field, she has composed music for different instrumental staff, like a symphonic orchestra, brass band, piano, duos, trios, string quartets, etc. Also, she knows different styles like classical music, jazz music, popular music, ethnic, experimental, electronic, world music and music for the child. She has the skills and tools to compose, writes a score, arranged, and produces music for any kind of audiovisual project. Also, she has worked like a sound designer and editing sound. As a performer, she plays the transverse flute and she sings, with main interested in latin-jazz. She has played music around many countries in the world, like Canada, Spain, Colombia, the USA, the Philippines and India and Australia. In the visual field, she has created some video projects using techniques like animation (rotoscopy, stop-motion, and video-mapping) and she has worked in video editing.