Photo de Samuel Bobony
Elisabeth Bergeron

Samuel Bobony

Samuel Bobony is a sound artist who creates explosive pieces which combines drum, sampling, field recording and synthesizer. Since 2012, he has been performing his solo project Black Givre who won the 2014 GAMIQ Award for his LP Autorail (co-released by Beaver Club/Jeunesse Cosmique) as best new experimental album of the year. In 2015, a sound art piece called Ruptur was a result of a collaboration with artist Nelly-Ève Rajotte and was presented at Centre Clark.

Black Givre is often seen working with visual artistes Sonya Stefan & Guillaume Vallée doing colourful glitch projection resulting in a stunning Audio/Video performances. He is co-director of Festival Ibrida*Pluri, a media arts platform presented in collaboration with artist-run centre Eastern Bloc.He is an active participant of the Montreal music and media scene playing with Avec le Soleil Sortant de sa Bouche (Constellation Records) and Héliodrome (Endemik Music) as well as being a long-time collaborator with Jeunesse Cosmique.

He’s been touring Canada and USA along with Jean-Sébastien Truchy (Fly Pan Am) & Charles Barabé (La Cohu). Black Givre & Sonya Stefan presented their Collision in France and Germany in 2016. He is going to present his new album Froids divers (split with Hazy Montagne Mystique (Jeunesse Cosmique) in Norway, Danemark, Germany & Ponand this winter 2018.

Works in le Vivier's repertoire