Photo de Pablo Geeraert

Pablo Geeraert

Pablo Geeraert is a Belgian composer born in Brussels and currently based in Montréal. He explores composition as a means to discover and experience the complex yet exciting dimensions that music can offer. Influenced and fascinated by a wide variety of sonic discourses, his music tries to blend them into kinetic and evolving narratives, focusing on sculpting a contrast between the sound materials to evoke images and/or reactions. Interested in multidisciplinary practices, the aspects found in other arts such as dance and the visual medias also fuel his inspiration and motivation to broaden his understanding of music. Having recently graduated with BFAs in Music Production (BIMM Berlin) and in Electroacoustic Studies (Concordia University), he is about to enter a master’s degree in Electroacoustic Composition at the Conservatoire de Montréal to further discover and define his artistic identity.

Works in le Vivier's repertoire