Kim Zombik is known for her unembellished, poignant style, twice nominated as one of top ten “Best Female Jazz Vocalists” by Japan’s SWING Journal Jazz Magazine. With over 12 albums, one can hear her evolving path through pop, choral, funk, jazz and her new studies of Indian Classical singing. Kim aims to create music that brushes the heart with honesty and pleasure. She has performed in the Montreal International Jazz Festival (2005, 2009, 2014), the L’OFF Jazz Festival (2014, 2018), the Ginza Jazz Festival (Japan 2007), the “New York Blues” Festival in Siberia (2008), as well as toured and recorded with 90-piece New World Orchestra in Japan (2009 under Joe Hisaichi). Kim has opened for Parliament Funkadelic, Maceo Parker, Jimmy Cliff, and sung with Olu Dara and William Parker. Heading her own jazz trio since her move to Montreal 14 years ago, she appears regularly in venues throughout the Montreal.

 Her newest project is a duo called Silvervest with Nicolas Caloia. Silvervest cruxes intimacy at the heart of their compositions.  Playing in the field of storytelling, pop, soundscapes, jazz and jangling, Silvervest offers fresh music that is intuitive and unique. They place primary importance on creation that has structure yet allows following their ears into wider spaces. The duo, ever open to possibilities, explores the nuts and bolts of humanity’s mortal coil with tenderness, humour and tunefulness.

“Kim respects the fundamentals of the songs she chooses, and she sings them with a charming sincerity that comes straight from her heart. In Kim’s vocals there is unembellished honesty – a naiveté even- combined with sharpness and warm-heartedness. Her reciprocity with her band is excellent.”

yozo iyanami, swing journal