Christian Calon

“The exploration of the listening experience and of spatiality is at the core of my projects. Chronographic by nature, they take the form of sound art and audiovision works in which models of reality hold a central position. My more recent works tend to explore issues with an anthropological orientation while developing extra-musical perspectives.

A keen interest for narrative forms is developed in a body of works through writing and the staging of sound simulacra. For these, radio as an ars acustica, represents a fertile field of experimentation. In parallel, suggesting the approach of sound conversation, I take part in the live-improvisation collective Theresa Transistor.

My creative work, by nature linked to the advancement of research, leads to an ongoing process of investigation of new technologies. Since my early works, widely performed, the various facets of my work are often greeted at competitions and major international events. A freelance artist, I live in Montréal.”

Works in le Vivier's repertoire