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Ana Sokolović

An important figure in contemporary music, Ana Sokolović has distinguished herself both in Canada and internationally.

A native of Serbia, the composer has been immersed in the arts all her life. Before taking up theatre and music, she studied classical ballet. She began her university composition studies in Serbia, finishing with her master’s degree at the University of Montréal.

Her lyric works have won over the hearts of a substantial public, including her opera Svadba, which “seems to invent a phonetic universe of the human heart” and evokes a “small-scale Sacre du printemps” (Le Monde). Among others, this piece was directed by Dáirine Ní Mheadhra and Teodor Currentzis and has been performed over 50 times across the world.

Pieces for voice, opera, orchestra and chamber music and the stage are evidence of her prolific work. Her musical language unites an immense creativity with the subtlety of her fine and complex writing, which is steeped in her roots and in different art forms. Thus, her language allows a force of imagination to move through her music and so plunges the listener into a vividly imagined world, in turn, illustrating the universal and theatrical character of her compositions.

She has received many awards and prizes over the course of the years and in 2011-12 her music was praised across the country through the initiative of the SMCQ.

To date, a dozen recordings of her works have been produced. In addition to her activities as a composer, Ana Sokolović is also a professor of composition at the Université de Montréal.

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