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The percussionist is a multi-instrumentalist musician. There is not one, but a whole multitude of instruments that are available to play.

They are of all sizes, forms and materials and require many and diverse techniques on the part of the musician. The playing space differs from one set-up to another and the performer also needs to adapt to the playing space.

Percussion implies highly physical actions. There is a direct relationship between the musician’s gestures and the sound that is produced. This panoply of gestures is enormous: hit, scrape, brush, scratch, shake… in fact the percussionist is an innovator of sounds.

Here are some of these sound explorers.

Louis Charbonneau
Pierre Béluse
Jean-Pierre Drouet
Jean GeoffroyPhoto: Patrick Delance
Robert Leroux
Les Percussions de StrasbourgPhoto: Miyaké
SixtrumPhoto: Martin Girard

Et bien d’autres…

Bien d’autres percussionnistes ont apporté et apportent encore à la vie musicale tout leur talent, par exemple: Keiko Abé, Marie Josée Simard, Aldo Mazza, Sylvio Gualda, Aiyun Huang, les Percussions claviers de Lyon

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