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Unusual Instruments

Percussion instruments sometimes come in amazing shapes and here are a few of them:

The waterphone

This instrument was invented by Richard A. Waters in the sixties. It is played by hitting the metal rods with sticks and by rubbing them with a bow. The sound can be modified by adding water to the cavity.

Double maracas

As for these little dumbbells for percussionists, do not be fooled! These are double maracas. They can lull you for hours with the softness of their sound matched only by thier lightness.

Le criquet

To hear a little cricket in your ears it only takes a soft shake of this finely decorated small wooden instrument. The cricket lives up to its name.

The thunder box

If you shake this box on which is fixed a long wire spring, the rumbling will resonate all around.

The kutuwapa (wah wah tube)

The kutuwapa is a curious metal tube, dented over half of its length and closed at one end. It is hit with mallet or rubbed with a bow. There is a little opening underneath. When the opening is alternately closed or opened with the thumb, a surprising “wah-wah” is produced.

The crasher

The crasher has four metal plates attached together that vibrate and clash together when hit or shaken. The shape of the crasher plates varies according to the country of origin.

The ching chok

What a funny name for this bamboo tube at the ends of which are attached little wooden balls! Shake it and the sound of the bamboo can be heard.

Little bells

This percussionist’s belt is made of seed shells that roll around and shake and rub against each other to make crunching sounds.

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