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In the Family

Percussion can be a welcome addition to family life with shows and CD books for kids.

A show

The Great Turtle

Presented by Sixtrum percussion ensemble

Washed up on the only fragment of earth spared by a flood, a great turtle hears a voice. It is the Tree Totem announcing that she was chosen to reconstruct the world after the storm. This show for children is conceived as theatre of objects. Children discover the spectacular personalities of percussion instruments – and their players – in an atmosphere that is sometimes intimate and sometimes frenetic.

CD Books

Har the Stonemason

A musical story by Martin Matalon for narrator, 3 percussionists and electronica. Éditions G Billaudot. 4 years and older.

Har is a unhappy small-time stonemason who is not content with his meagre pay and he would really like to be rich. A good genie appears who offers whatever he would like. Then follows a series of changes, with the sounds of a trio of percussionists. Amazing sounds and tones – a real treat for young ears!

The percussions: Little Monkey and the Instruments of Music

By Leigh Sauerwein, illustrated by Goerg Hansleben, music by Jean Pierlot. Éditions Gallimard. 3 years and older.

The story of a little monkey and his jungle friends told to the sound of percussion instruments. Tympani, drums, tam-tam, cuica, Japanese bowls, and many other sounds accompany the travels of our hero, deep into the trees. A musical journey full of discoveries!

Pablo and Don Pedro’s Horse

By Anne Montagne, Jésus Echevarria et Frédérick Mansot. Éeditions Actes Sud. 4 years and older.

Follow in the footsteps of Don Pedro, an old man who lives beyond the mountains, in Totonicapan, and becomes “King of the Marimba”. Discover a percussion instrument with a thousand sounds. A great introduction to music!

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