Visuel de Ritratto
Visuel de Ritratto

Bakarlari invites you to a sensory experience rich in emotion, where sound, light and JJ Houle's direction meet in a daring way. Through a portrait of Luciano Berio and Gabo Champagne, discover five solo works for saxophone, guitar, trumpet, piano and clarinet.

We all wear different masks in our daily lives. While most of us want to exude confidence and self-assurance, sometimes the mask cracks and reveals our darker sides. However, it is through these cracks that we can reconnect with our true essence. With Ritratto (Italian for portrait), Bakarlari navigates the fine line of these various states of mind. The program includes two of Luciano Berio's Sequenzas, as well as two works by Montreal composer Gabo Champagne. The latter will also offer you a creation for piano, electronics, lights and whistling, from which light will emerge from all these breaks.





Espace Orange | Édifice Wilder


Presale 22$
Regular 30$
Reduced (Students, Vivier members, over 65s, etc.) 18$


3 shows 48$
5 shows 75$

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Event presented in co-broadcast with Bakarlari


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